Benefits of Retaining Walls

A sloping yard can give your property an elegant appearance but be problematic when you need to do something in your yard. For example, it can be challenging to install a swimming pool or build anything in the yard if you don’t have the right type of protection. If your yard is sloping, you can still enjoy doing something else with it. A retaining wall can be installed to give protection and allow you to implement any landscaping plans that you may have without restrictions. When you installed the right way, retaining walls can give the following benefits:

Provide Splendid Seating

Just like the stadium seating arrangement, you can implement such plans in your sloping yard through retaining walls to create stunning seats in your yard. You can design a patio or firepit with a Versa-LOK seat wall that will give you comfort and privacy. This setting can be warm during the cold months and cool during the warm months allowing you to enjoy throughout the year. 

Replace Your Deck

Do you have aged wooden decks in your property? Renovating them can revamp them, but you need to do it regularly to keep them looking great. This is not only time-consuming but also expensive. Segmental retaining walls (SRWs) can be used instead of wooden decks. Raised SRWs will require little maintenance and will last for long compared to wooden decks. Adding plants or freestanding walls will make a boundary and charm on the SRWs. 

Add Curb Appeal

Retaining walls can be installed in the yard to separate the driveway and the lawn. The walls can not only act as a barrier to prevent vehicles from overlapping to the lawns but also add charm to the end of the lawns. You can add plants and flowers on the retaining wall to spruce up the edges of the lawns. Furthermore, you can create seat walls at the end of the lawns that you can use a porch. 

Grow Flowery Plants

When you have a retaining wall on your landscape, you can add tree rings and plants to provide you with a place to grow shallow-tooted plants. The plants can be like a hanging garden and also a beauty to your property. The plants you choose to grow on this space may not only be for beauty purposes but also health functions such as herbs. 

Transform the Overall Yard

When your backyard is made of a hill, you can still transform it into a functional place through the help of retaining walls. Tier or single retaining walls can be installed on the hillside to make the place you have always desired to have. 

Retaining wall is a great landscaping tool that can bring transformation to your yard that may seem unusable at the moment. With retaining walls, you can add stunning seating on your yard, add a lasting deck, creating a hanging-like garden, and add a curb appeal to your property. However, retaining walls will only serve their purpose if they are correctly installed. That is why you should hire professionals like Capital Land Companies to undertake the task to ensure it is done right. Contact us for your next project.

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