Guide to Applying a Coating to a Concrete Pool Deck

When the hot months of the year set in, we all go out to bask to enjoy the warmth that comes with the weather. The pool sides are the best place to relax during those warm times of the year. You can’t enjoy your relaxation at the poolside if the place isn’t well-maintained. Applying a fresh coating on the pool deck, especially if it is made of concrete is the best thing to revamp your poolside and light the whole pool area.

A coating restores the shine and luster that your deck had when it was first installed. Furthermore, a new coating protects your deck from spills, slipping, UV rays, leaves, and other undesired elements that can spoil your time when you are around the pool. So, do you apply a coating to a concrete pool deck? The following is a guide to help you apply a coating to a pool deck for the novice.

Guide to Applying a Coating to a Concrete Pool Deck

Assemble Supplies

To apply a coating on a concrete pool deck, you will need the following supplies:
A hose
Strong broom
Protective clothing
Waterproof concrete coating
Muriatic acid
Concrete suitable epoxy coating
Pressure washer

Clean the Deck

Once you assemble the above supplies, you need to prepare the area to be coated. The process is labor-extensive and will require you to take your time to ensure the place is well prepared. This is because the place must be free of debris, grit, and dirt to ensure the coating is smooth and even. Thorough cleaning will take three steps which include:


This is the simple cleaning that you usually do when around the pool, even on a normal basis. It entails:
Removing debris, garbage, and other elements on the deck
Move any outdoor furniture from the deck
Clean the area with a pressure washer


After the place is clean of any physical dirt, treat it by:
Using Muriatic acid to remove any grease that may be on the surface. Mix the acid solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging the pool deck surface.
Clean the area with a broom ensuring you are reaching through all the cracks on the deck.
Once you are done treating the deck with the acid solution, hose it off with plenty of water.

Filling and Applying Coating

Check for any cracks on the deck and fill them
An epoxy coating can be used to fill up cracks around the deck

Applying the Coating

Applying a coating on the pool deck is a simple as doing any other painting task. To undertake the process:
Use a roller to spread the coating evenly on the deck
Leave the coating untouched for a minimum of 24 hours to dry

When applying a coating to your concrete pool deck, ensure you have the right protective equipment such as gloves and others that are recommended by the manufacturer of the coating materials you will be using. Furthermore, check on weather updates to ensure there is a possibility of rain or bad weather during or after applying the coating to avoid damage the coating. Follow the above guidelines and keep your concrete pool deck looking great.

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