How a Pergola Can Upgrade Your Outdoor Space


Are you looking for a simple way to upgrade your outdoor space? Consider the addition of a pergola. A pergola is a vertical structure added to a patio or deck, with an open or lattice style roof. It provides shade, defines a space, and gives the perfect anchor for hanging or vining plants.

Why Should I Consider a Pergola?


A pergola can be built in any shape, color, style to perfectly complement any home design. They can be custom designed to fit into any space, meeting your needs for height, size, and footprint.

Variety of Features

No matter how you use your outdoor space, a pergola upgrade can provide anything you need to make your space perfect, including:

  • Special lighting
  • Curtains
  • Retractable shades and roof
  • Privacy walls
  • Planters

Wide Array of Designs

Do you want to create a living tunnel of greenery? Would you prefer a replicated grecian temple? Does a minimalist modern look appeal to you? Pergolas have everything you need to create the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of.

A Pergola For Every Budget

Pergolas range in price from $1000 to over $10,000, depending on size, scope and materials.
Contact Capital Land Companies today to discuss upgrading or installing a new pergola.

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