How to Maintain Stamped Concrete

Many people love stamped concrete because of the glamorous look that it gives to the driveway, patio, walkways, or anywhere else that you have installed it. However, this elegant appearance can only last if stamped concrete is well maintained. When you take care of it, you can enjoy the charm appearance of stamped concrete for many years. So, does stamped concrete require special maintenance? How should you take care of it?

Cleaning Stamped Concrete

To ensure your stamped concrete doesn’t lose the attractive appearance it had when it was newly installed, you only need to do basic cleaning.

Indoor Stamped Concrete Cleaning

If your indoor flooring is made out of stamped concrete, just use a dry or wet mop to clean it. When moving the furniture, avoid dragging them to prevent causing damage on the floor. Water only can be enough to get the floor clean, but if you can use diluted liquid clean for extra cleanliness. When using a cleaner, rinse the floor appropriately to avoid leaving dried soap or marks on the floor.

Outdoor Stamped Concrete Cleaning

Keeping your outdoor stamped concrete clean is easy, as all you will need is sweeping or hosing it off. If your outdoor is too dirty, power washing using a diluted liquid cleaner can do the trick of restoring the shiny appearance. When you a dealing with accumulated litter, twigs, or leaves, use a leaf blower to get rid of it.

Dealing with Stains

If you have a spill on your stamped concrete, clean them before they result in stains. However, if the inevitable happens and you end up with a stained stamped concrete surface, don’t worry; you still clean it. Trying cleaning the surface with warm water, and if they persist, try power washing. Using an alkaline degreaser will help you to deal with the stubborn stains caused by grease or oil. When you apply or these methods, but still you can get your stamped concrete clean, you should seek professional cleaning services.


The sealant applied on stamped concrete to preserve may break with time. While cleaning using the above recommendation may work in preserving the life of the sealant, you may need to take extra efforts. You should apply a new coat regularly to keep t in good shape and protect the surface. Resealing will also prevent or restore the fading of the surface and keep it looking fresh for long. However, the benefits of sealing will only be felt when the process is done appropriately. That is why you should hire a professional to do it for you to avoid irregularities on the surface.

What to Avoid During Stamped Concrete Maintenance

To ensure you take care and maintain your stamped concrete surface, you should avoid the following:
Waiting until you have a pile of leaves and other elements on the surface before you clean it. Such a pile can trap moisture, which can stain the surface.
Using de-icing salt on the surface because it can cause the surface to start peeling and lose its charm. If the de-icing gets on the surface inevitably either from your shoes, car drip-off, or other sources, clean it immediately.
Do not use a shovel with a metallic edge on the stamped concrete surface. If you have to scope elements from the surface of a stamped concrete, use a plastic shovel or snowblower.
Applying heavyweight on the edges of the concrete surface or dropping heavy weights suddenly on the surface. The surface may be sturdy, but when subjected to too much strain, it can break down.


Stamped concrete can be a great addition to surfaces in or around your home. However, it will only improve the appearance of the surfaces if it is well-maintained. The above tips can help you to maintain an appealing look on your stamped concrete surfaces for long. Capital Land Companies is there for your concrete and hardscaping needs. Call us today!

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