In-Ground vs. Above-Ground Fire Pit


Choosing to install an outdoor fire pit is exciting. However, it is important to consider which type of fire pit may be the right choice for your outdoor area.

Some of the factors to consider before choosing between an in-ground and above-ground fire pit include:

  • Size of space around the fire pit
  • How you will use the fire pit
  • Presence of children and pets
  • The terrain in the area of the fire pit

Advantages of an In-Ground Fire Pit

In-ground fire pits are usually safer, due to the smaller size of the flames. However, due to their lower location, they can be easier for children to tumble into. Always keep an eye on children and pets while using your fire pit.

An in-ground fire pit is a more permanent structure and may be incorporated into your outdoor living space. We can even help you design a built-in seating area to encircle your in-ground fire pit.

Advantages of an Above-Ground Fire Pit

The biggest advantage of choosing an above-ground fire pit is the versatility that it provides. It can be moved depending on your needs and the season. It is important to create a safety barrier around the fire pit, to avoid accidental burns that can be caused by contacting its exterior.

Capital Land Companies is ready when you are to start discussing your new fire pit. Contact us today to go over all of your options.

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