Keep Muddy Feet Outside with a Brick Walkway


If accessing areas of your outdoor space results in slipping on muddy pathways, it may be time to consider installing a brick walkway. Bricks can be installed in a variety of patterns and layouts, and your new brick walkway can be finished quickly. Let Capital Land Companies help you create a space that is both practical and beautiful.

What Type of Brick Walkway Should I Get?

There are many types of brick walkways to consider, depending on the look and feel of your outdoor space.  Some examples of common brick walkways include:

Wide Brick Path

This spacious path can accommodate two people walking side by side.

Mixed Materials Path

Using a mix of materials, such as stone and brick can make a visual impact. It creates a timeless look that can be further accentuated with landscaping.

Bricks and Ground Cover

Soften your brick walkway by creating space for ground cover plants between the bricks.

Serpentine Path

You can create the appearance of a larger space by designing a serpentine path that weaves through your outdoor areas.

Straight Path

Building a long, straight path to your home creates a stunning entry, putting your house as the focal point.

Bricks on a Base of Sand

Using sand between the bricks gives a long-lived appearance, and a laid-back, comfortable feel.

If you’re looking to install a new brick pathway, contact Capital Land Companies today. We can help you create a look you’ve been dreaming about.

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