Tips To Maintain Stamped Concrete

There is no doubt in saying that stamped concrete is one of the most popular concrete options. It looks very elegant and the best thing about stamped concrete is that is inexpensive. Due to its amazing benefits, it has gained a lot of popularity. It doesn’t matter whether you want a concrete option for your driveway, patio, or pool decks, stamped concrete is a perfect choice for everything.

Generally, many people use stamped concrete for their decking options and driveways because it is highly customizable. It comes with a wide variety of colors and you can choose from different styles and textures. This is the reason why most people love and use it for their homes. However, stamped concrete can boost the curb appeal of the home, but if you are installing it for the first time, then you should be very careful.

Improperly installed stamped concrete can cause many problems and you will have to spend more money to fix it. That’s’ why it is very important to hire professionals from a company like Capital Land Companies to execute the installation of stamped concrete. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about any problems as they will make sure that the stamped concrete is installed properly.

After the proper installation, you should also maintain them and take proper measures to keep them durable and elegant. Here are some tips that will help you maintain the stamped concrete properly:


If you want to keep the stamped concrete well-maintained, then you will have to clean them periodically. You can use a mild detergent along with a broom to clean the concrete. You must make sure that the surface of the concrete is free of any kind of debris to protect it from stubborn stains. Though fresh stains are not difficult to clean but if the concrete has got tired and dirt marks, then it would become a bit difficult to clean it with water and mild detergent. These types of stubborn stains require chemicals to clean them effectively. Though, you should not use cleaners that have acid content as they can degrade the color and destabilize the concrete.


Sealing is one of the best ways to maintain the stamped concrete and keep it protected from different harmful elements. Sealants protect the concrete from damage and also prevent discoloration. It is used during the installation to give extra protection to the concrete. There are many factors such as de-icing, moisture penetration, and abrasion that harms the concrete. A sealer is the best way to protect the stamped concrete from these factors.

To keep the stamped concrete protected, everyone must reapply the sealant every 2 or 3 years. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you should only apply a sealer when the concrete is dry because if you apply it on the wet surface, then it can damage the concrete. Along with this, you should never melt the snow or ice by sprinkling the salt on stamped concrete. Because salt can get into the pores and damage the concrete. Don’t wait call us today!

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