What to Know About Outdoor Fire Pit Safety

Why Hire Hardscaping Professionals Instead of Doing it Yourself?

When considering an outdoor fire pit, it’s important to know the appropriate safety measures surrounding them. Whether your family includes children, pets, or simply yourself, outdoor fire pit safety is an essential part of creating a safe and functional outdoor living space.

When preparing your outdoor fire pit, you will need to consider all appropriate safety concerns. Some items of importance are:

  • Placing your fire pit the appropriate distance from flammable surfaces
  • Ensuring the fire pit is installed on a level and non-flammable surface
  • Notice anything that may be located above your fire pit, such as tree branches

In addition, our contractors at Capital Land Companies will instruct you on the safe usage of your fire pit, including the following precautions:

  • Checking wind direction
  • Avoiding windy conditions
  • Using proper fire starter
  • The correct type of fuel
  • Never leaving a fire unattended
  • Wearing appropriate clothing
  • Having a nearby hose

Finally, an important part of outdoor fire pit safety is understanding how to correctly extinguish your fire. Use a water bucket or hose to sprinkle water onto the fire, then use a shovel to mix the embers. Continue sprinkling water until you no longer hear hissing from the embers, then properly dispose of the ash.

If you have any questions about your existing fire pit or would like to install one at your place, contact us today.

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