What Type of Retaining Wall Do I Need?

Are you wondering which type of retaining wall you should use in your landscaping? The following are the various options available that you can choose:

Wood Tie Walls

This is a common retaining wall used by many people because of its ease of installation. Wood tie wall is suitable for temporary installations or for people who want to install a retaining wall by themselves. Even though it may seem like a cheap option, it will cost you more in the long run because you will have to replace it regularly.

Concrete Block Walls

Installing concrete block walls requires the assistance of a professional because they need extensive footing and labor to install them appropriately. However, the effort and professional help that you will hire will pay off because concrete block walls are long-lasting. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable and cost-effective retaining wall, this type can do.

Poured Concrete

Using poured concrete as a retaining wall is great but will require professional installation to avert a disaster. When installed wrongly, poured concrete will not only break within a short time but be a disaster if the corners are cut. Poured concrete can’t be repaired but can only be replaced; hence, the importance of ensuring the installation is done right the first time.


SRW is easy to install as a retaining wall. They have a great appearance and lightweight, which is one factor that makes them a great alternative by many homeowners. However, if a single step is stepped during the installation, the entire wall is messed. That is why an expert should be the one to install this type of retaining wall.


This type of retaining wall entails filling a cage with rocks. Even though they are strong, most homeowners don’t like to have them in their yards. Gabion can be great for a place that is experience high amounts of erosion. Water can flow through the gabion smoothly without carrying any materials; hence, why it is suitable for areas with high erosion.

Capital Land Companies Concrete

Our concrete is relatively strong compared to the typical concrete wall. It can add elegancy to your property because o their attractive appearance. When you use our concrete for your retaining wall, you will be adding beauty to your home while protecting your landscape from erosion. You will need the help of a professional in installing this type of retaining wall because it entails a lot of skills and expertise to implement correctly.

Mafia Blocks

This type of retaining wall is called Mafia blocks because of its coffin-like appearance. Their extreme weight makes them no-easy task to install and will require machinery to lift them. You can place bins with mulch and gravel in this type of retaining wall. Because of their weight, it means Mafia blocks can only be installed by a professional. They are also best suited for industrial usage.

You shouldn’t be stuck anymore on which is the best type of retaining wall you should use. The above are some of the common varieties that you can choose from. The details discussed in each type of retaining wall will help you to make an informed decision. Call us today for a quote.

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