Which Material is Best for my Patio?


Patios can be built from all kinds of material. In order to choose the patio material that is right for you, consider how you will be using the patio. Below are some options of popular patio materials that are commonly used.


These stone pieces are often large and cut into regular shapes. Flagstone is extremely level and will give you the convenience of concrete with the natural look and feel of stone.


Bricks can be made from clay and other materials, and are a very cost-effective material for your patio. Installation is quick and easy, and it’s possible to repair and replace bricks over time.

Sand, Gravel, or Crushed Stone

For a low-maintenance patio material, choose to spread sand, gravel, or crushed stone. You can create a patio in virtually any shape, and with the proper preparation and installation, it will also help keep problem weeds and grasses at bay.


Concrete has few limitations. It does require specialty installation and curing time, but is extremely durable and may be poured into a variety of shapes.

Wood-Plastic Composite

For areas with high humidity, choosing a wood-plastic composite gives you the feel of a wood deck with the longevity of plastic. 

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